Road to Recovery II – What? Reality TV?

Part I was long-winded. This one is short. Part I (see below) made a link between civic media and interactive, voter-driven Reality TV. Reality TV, it suggested, works because it’s a game show – a contest  with losers and winners – that gives viewers the chance to vote repeatedly on songs they like and characters they care about.

This voter-driven power obviously mimics the voter-driven power democracy: of government of, by and for the people. Swing Reality TV’s power out of mere entertainment and back to politics and government – give the American people repeated, informed and advisory votes in fascinating two and three month contests about the issues and individuals that affect their lives – and you are in a position to renew and reinvigorate American democracy in an age of information.

Part I described the amazing “distributed decision making process” used at CISCO Systems. How, you ask, would an interactive, media-driven process of this kind operate in the field of politics and government? And how would in function, as seen from the standpoints of its producers, the nation’s elected leaders and the American citizen and TV viewer?

One full-scale and truly transformative answer is America’s Choice, my 20-page 2007 treatment for telephony and Internet-enhanced prime-time civic media network TV. Interested parties can email me for particulars at  Look for other answers to this question to surface now that America has, or soon will have, a President who has promised to give American democracy back to the American people.

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