Fiesta del Sol Poll Results

August 1 + 9. Fiesta del Sol was great this year! Weather was perfect and we were warmly welcomed last Saturday by FIESTA DEL SOLvolunteer Catea Merchan afiesta-del-sol-I-1nd Festival Co-ordinator Claudia Marchan, who was so laid back and helpful you’d never guess that she and a staff of only 5 plus 200 volunteers could organize  a four-day event attracting 1,200,000 visitors!  At the Fiesta, the Chicago Civic Media team of Gary, Steve and Tim did some taping for a video we’ll be uploading here and did a little survey of some 30 people for input on Chicago’s most important problem to be addressed in the first-ever online Chicago WRKS contest tentatively set for early next year.  The responses surprised us with their strong concern with only two problems: job creation and gangs and drugs.

□         Parking Meters                     –  1

□         Chicago’s Olympics Bid         –  0

□         Casino Gambling                  –   0

□         Gangs and Drugs                – 12

□         Job Creation                       – 20

□         Other problem                      – 0

Does this small sample reflect the concerns of the Hispanic community as a whole? Important question.  And how will other Chicago communities respond to the same poll? We’re working to get better information for you.  Meanwhile, Thanks Catea and Claudia for welcoming us to a great event.

One thought on “Fiesta del Sol Poll Results

  1. Richard Albert

    This looks like a terrific idea. Just fabulous. Good luck, and I will be following closely.

    Very best wishes.


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