Occupy’s next phase: Dialogue

This from listening to Julian Assange and Occupiers talking in London.

Occupy’s next and finest phase is DIALOGUE. Of the 99% and the 1%. Of the rich and the poor, of the governed and the governors. Of the voiceless and the voiced. Ongoing dialogues. Issue centered. Confrontational. Rule governed. Smart. Informative. Dramatic. Authentic. Outcome oriented. Productive. Opportunity maximizing. Doggedly tackling seemingly insoluble problems like health care and immigration and joblessness and corruption and gangs and drugs in new and novel ways. Doing so with the constant informed input from those most affected by these problems. Conducted until viable solutions are found, implemented and revisited. These dialogues – I call them civic media – are best and perhaps only future of democracy. They are the future of news and information on this planet. They are market driven: people will pay them when they are authentic. But not when they are rigged.

The NATO demonstrations last weekend in Chicago demonstrate the limits of street protest. It’s time for Occupy’s next phase: a phase in which the spirit of protest integrates with and transforms the way cities like Chicago, and countries (democracies) like the United States, make governmental decisions.

That’s all that need to be said right now. Like the idea? Run with it. Create the media that will make it real.


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